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NRT Global MODIS Flood Mapping



06-Jan-2016: ArcGIS Portal replaces ArcGIS Online interface:
11-Nov-2014: ArcGIS Online Map available. Read more.
10-Nov-2014: MODIS flood product evaluation report available. Read more.
27-Jun-2012: Filename convention changed to accommodate shadow masking. The composite component of the filenames, previously 2D2O (2-Day, 2-Observation) will now be 2D2OT (T for Terrain shadow masking applied), or 2D2ON (for No shadow masking applied). See updated Product Description or READMEs for more details and other future options.
27-Jun-2012: Terrain shadow masking now applied to reduce the number of pixels misidentified as water due to terrain shadowing. Please see the updated Product Description page, or the updated READMEs on the product download pages.
16-Jun-2012: Regular global flood map processing has been restored.
9-Jun-2012: Product delivery has been interrupted due to upstream data processing issues. A random subset of tiles continue to be produced. We hope to restore full global mapping shortly.
28-Mar-2012: Geotiff product added: MODIS Water Product (MWP). This product contains both surface and flood water extent, along with an indicator of areas where insufficient clear data was available to make a water determination. See product description and README file for more information.
09-Jan-2012: Product filename convention changed. New convention omits the ALG component (2C30 for the past several months). See Product Description page for details.
20-Dec-2011: MSW KMZ output has been fixed, and bad KMZ outputs for MSW have been removed from this website. Please use the shapefile for Nov 22-Dec 20 tiles where no KMZ is present, or contact us and we can regenerate the KMZ.
20-Dec-2011: KMZ outputs for MSW have a substantial and variable north-south offset, from about November 22. The shapefile outputs do not have this problem, nor do the MFW products. We are looking into this and expect to resolve shortly.
16-Dec-2011: Began reporting total flood area (in km2) per 10° tile in atom feed. Note that these areas are biased in many locations due to erroneous flood detections in mountainous regions; terrain shadow often gets identified as water. We are working to resolve this issue.
23-Nov-2011: Began full global flood map production (222 10° tiles).
23-Nov-2011: Large erroneous flood polygons noted in many 70°N tiles. Issue under investigation.
21-Nov-2011: Began tile production Atom feed at

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