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Team Members

Team Members

Organization Project Coordination

Participating Organization/Country Project Coordinator
National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space (NARSS) / Egypt Eng. Belal El-Leithy
Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI) / Jordan Ms. Rania Abdel Khaleq
National Center for Remote Sensing (CNRS) / Lebanon Dr. Talal Darwich
Royal Center for Remote Sensing (CRTS) / Morocco Dr. Ahmed Er-Raji
Regional Centre for Remote Sensing of the States of North Africa (CRTEAN) / Tunisia Dr. Atef Bel Hadj Ali
Arab Water Council (AWC) / Egypt Ms. Heba Al Hariri
International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) / United Arab Emirates Dr. Rachael McDnonell
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) / United States of America Dr. Shahid Habib
Unites States Agency International Development (USAID) / United States of America Dr. John Wilson
World Bank (WB) / United States of America Ms. Qun Li

NASA Team & Partners

Role Team Member Organization
Sr. Water and Sanitation Specialist / Project Manager Ms. Qun Li World Bank
Regional Water Advisor / Project Manager Dr. Kalim Hanna USAID/OMEP
Project Management and Technical Direction Dr. Shahid Habib NASA/GSFC
Technical Oversight and Management Mr. Fritz Policelli NASA/GSFC
Project Coordination Ms. Maura Tokay NASA/GSFC
Evapotranspiration and Drought Dr. Martha Anderson USDA
Hydrological Modeling Mr. Fritz Policelli NASA/GSFC
Dr. Matt Rodell NASA/GSFC
Crop Mapping and Irrigation Dr. Mutlu Ozdogan University of Wisconsin
Floods Mapping and Forecasting Mr. Fritz Policelli NASA/GSFC
Climate Analysis and Impact Dr. Ben Zaitchik Johns Hopkins University
Locust Monitoring Dr. Jim Tucker NASA/GSFC

MENA Participants

Country Implementation
Theme Implementing
Egypt Eng. Belal El-Leithy Project Manager NARSS
Dr. Bassam Abdellatif Project Technical Coordinator NARSS
Dr. M. ElSherbeny Evapotranspiration NARSS
Eng. Hanan Ezzat Evapotranspiration (Champion) MWRI - Planning Sector
Dr. Talaat Taher ELGamal Evapotranspiration (Champion) MWRI - NWRC
Dr. Abdel Aziz Belal Drought Monitoring NARSS
Eng. Mohamed Sabry Drought Monitoring (Champion) MWRI
Eng. Medhat Mahros Drought Monitoring (Champion) MWRI
Alaa Abd ELraouf Khalil Drought Monitoring (Champion) CLAC/ARC/MALR
Dr. M. Aboelghar Crop & Irrigation Mapping NARSS
Eng. Naglaa EL.Bendary Crop & Irrigation Mapping (Champion) MWRI - Nile Water Sector
Dr. Elbastawisy Flood Mapping & Modeling NARSS
Eng. Amira EL.Shahat Flood Mapping & Modeling (Champion) MWRI - Planning Sector
Eng. Doaa Lashen Flood Mapping & Modeling (Champion) MWRI - Planning Sector
Dr. Abd EL.Naser Rashash Climate Impact NARSS
Mr. Mahmoud Gaber Climate Impact (Champion) MWRI - Planning Sector
Dr. Safaa M. Hassan Underground Water Research NARSS
Eng. Emad EL.Deen Shnb Underground Water Research (Champion) MWRI - Ground Water
Dr. Eman Nofl Underground Water Research (Champion) MWRI - NWRC
Dr. Safaa Mostafa Underground Water Research (Champion) MWRI - NWRC
Dr. Mohamad Roshdy Hydrological Model Installation/Operation NARSS
Eng. Azaa Mohamed Hydrological Model Installation/Operation (Champion) MWRI – Main Information Center
Jordan Rania Khaleq Project Manager
Climate Change Downscaling and Analysis
Bilal Hanbali Evapotranspiration & Drought MWI
Ali Ghanim Evapotranspiration & Drought MWI
Kholoud Bashtawi Evapotranspiration & Drought MWI
Mona Saba Evapotranspiration & Drought National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension (NCARE)
Ali Olimat Crop & Irrigation Mapping Royal Jordanian Geographic Center (RJGS)
Mamoon Ismail Crop & Irrigation Mapping MWI
Dr. Jawad Al Bakri Crop Mapping & Evapotranspiration Jordan University
Lebanon Dr. Talal Darwich Project Manager
Irrigation and Crop Mapping
Dr. Amin Shaban Climate Change and Water Analysis CNRS
Dr. Ghaleb Faour Drought CNRS
Dr. Mohamad Awad Evapotranspiration and Drought Monitoring CNRS
Dr. Chadi Abdallah Flood Mapping and Modeling
Forest Fires
Morocco Dr. Ahmed Er-Raji Hydrologic Modelling & Flooding CRTS
Driss El Hadani Coordination CRTS
Dr. Mohammed Merdas Irrigation & Flooding CRTS
Noureddine Bijaber Drought CRTS
Zouhair Benbahria Irrigation CRTS
Dr. Atillah Abderrahman Locust CRTS
Zouhair Benbahria Irrigation CRTS
Laila Rasmy Irrigation CRTS
Bachir Ablat Irrigation Ministry of Agriculture
Dr. Mohammed Faouzi Smiej Locust CRTS
Aziz Lomari Finance CRTS
Abdelhamid Benabdelfadel Hydrologic Modelling & Flooding Ministry of Energy and Mines, Water and Environment
Soundouce Moutaouakkil Hydrologic Modelling & Flooding Ministry of Energy and Mines, Water and Environment
Hassane Brighet Hydrologic Modelling & Flooding Ministry of Energy and Mines, Water and Environment
Tunisia Dr. Atef Bel Hadj Ali Project Manager CRTEAN
Sinan Bacha Flood Mapping Modeling (Champion) CNCT
Habib Chaieb Ground Water Modeling (Champion) DGRE
Ahmed Ezzine Flood Mapping & Modeling CNCT
Aymen Lazreg Flood Mapping & Modeling DGRE
Mohamed Ouessar Evapotranspiration and Drought Monitoring IRA
Thouraya Sahli Irrigation and Crop Mapping CNCT
Soumaya Ben Rached Climate Change Analysis INM